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About Kip

    Growing up on his grandfather’s ranch in Montana, horses have been an integral part of Kip’s life from the beginning. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s of Science degree with an emphasis in livestock production management, Kip went to work on several large cattle ranches. It was during this time that he first met Buck Brannaman. Buck showed Kip that the horse had more to offer if you presented the information to him so he could understand it. Kip began riding with Buck at every chance he got, and incorporated this new way of interacting with horses into his daily ranch work. In 1996, Buck offered Kip a job working with him and travelling to his clinics. Kip graciously accepted and traveled with Buck for the next five  years.

    Since 2003, Kip has been bringing the knowledge and experience he gained while working for Buck to the horses he rides for the public. His clients come from all over the country and include everything from Quarter Horses and Warmbloods to mules and draft horses. The solid foundation Kip gives to each horse has readied them for careers as everything from dependable trail horses to working ranch horses to FEI dressage horses. Kip started conducting his own clinics in 2004 at the request of several clients, and he now offers clinics suitable for any level or discipline of rider.

    After residing for 14 years in the Midwest, Kip has now relocated back to Montana and is currently riding horses for the public there as well as conducting clinics all over the United States.

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